Liberty's Academic Programs

Liberty's academic programs are extensive and inclusive. We firmly believe that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what a student can accomplish at any age.

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Liberty offers a full-day Khmer and English.  The Khmer program is licensed by the MoEYS. 

Our young students will eventually grow into adulthood. Some will become scholars, others will enter the professions, and others will become creative professionals – actors, artists, photographers, filmmakers, and writers. Thus, we strive to provide a solid foundation in Khmer and English but also want to encourage each and every one to be intellectually adventerous.

Liberty also invests time and resources into developing and maintaining structured curricula, teaching aids, and recruiting and hiring the best teachers, those with the ability to inspire our students.

Approaches to Learning


Each child learns in different ways. We provide teachers with the tools and guidance to liberate a child's natural curiosity while building problem-solving and life skills together with confidence. 

Language and Literacy


The early years are critical for literacy development. From phonics and eventually reading and writing in our older students, your child develops important literacy skills and a love of reading.



Early exposure to mathematics develops logic, reasoning, and leads to the development of problem-solving skills that will apply to other domains in academics and life. 

Creative Arts


Visual and creative arts including music and dance stimulate imagination and creative thinking.  We offer hands-on activities to encourage early arts and creative skills development. 

Physical Development


Active adults begin as active children.  We show your child fun ways to practice balance and motor skills with time to slide, climb and run on our age-appropriate playground.

Social & Emotional


Emotional intelligence leads to future success. We strive to integrate the development of social and life skills along with character development into daily routines. 

Learning Management System

LMS - Digital Curriculum Library

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Early Childhood Education

Teacher Training

Teacher training for those who may wish to follow Liberty Education's  international preschool curriculum can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the school for more information.  LMS deployment is also available.