Admissions & Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child enroll?

Anytime throughout the year, however we prefer placing children in classes at the beginning of a term. Enrolling early is recommended as many classes are full and a waiting period may be required.

Which class will my child study in?

We divide students according to age and language ability. New students are required to complete a short placement test, so that we can determine which class they should join.

How is my child’s progress monitored?

Students are evaluated weekly and tested monthly. Their results are recorded and make up the academic part of your child’s end of term report. Daily reports are also sent to parents.
Additionally, the school runs a free parent communication app for those who wish to participate. 

What qualifications do your teachers hold?

Liberty International School teachers often have many years of teaching experience, teaching credentials, and have received professional training while working with us.  

What curriculum is taught at Liberty International School?

We have developed our own American curriculum with the primary subjects being English, Mathematics, Arts and crafts, Science, Music and Sports. We also include routines and transitions as part of the holistic process. Our goal is to prepare the students for a more competitive academic environment in later years. 

Are there after school programs available at LIS?

Piano and voice lessors, dance classes and swimming lessons are offered at LIS in the "After School" programs. Please see our pages on this site detailing the After School offerings. 

What transportation is available to LIS students?

LIS offers door-to-door bus service to our students. 

Note about school-administered medications

Liberty requires a note from the registered parent or guardian to administer medicines on behalf of the parent. We have a form in the office that must be filled out with specific directions and signed. We insist on this practice as we have the child's best interest in mind and we want to do everything in our power to make sure that medications are administered correctly. 

Learning Management System

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Early Childhood Education

Teacher Training

Teacher training for those who may wish to follow Liberty Education's  international preschool curriculum can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the school for more information.  LMS deployment is also available.