Indoor & Outdoor Playground & Swimming Pool


We at Liberty have come a long way in developing our space for fun and learning. We added a swimming pool after nine months of operation and most recently we have added both indoor and outdoor playground equipment. We are fortunate in that we have natural shade for the playground owing to an abundance of trees. 

We have also upgraded our indoor play area for the nursery and as of late-2012 our intention is to continue with the improvements as the feedback from both parents and students has been enthusiastically positive. 

The students love to swim so we try to schedule 1-2 days per week with swimming provided the weather cooperates. We insist that the students wear life jackets as this promotes the habit of responsible water safety.

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Early Childhood Education

Teacher Training

Teacher training for those who may wish to follow Liberty Education's  curriculum can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the school for more information.